The Trauma of Shame and Conflict

When conflict takes place, one may feel a bout of guilt and the actions or statements that cause the guilt experience can be followed by shame or embarrassment and this seems to be closely related to guilt. Counselling can help you process these issues, why not call us now? After feeling shame or guilt, one […]

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inner authority

The Voice of Patients Inner Authority

Within us, there is a pure voice that tells us where to go and what options are right for us. From the first noises and sounds as well as the first words we’ve spoken, they were all uncensored and we had the freedom to explore and discover our voices; however, the time came when the […]

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mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Meditation and Counselling Found to be Good for Depression

Mindfulness meditation and counselling considered effective in helping patient handle symptoms of depression according to academics at London Kings College The NHS has finally recognized the potential of mindfulness meditation and counselling in terms of reducing the symptoms of depression after a series of studies conducted. Individuals with depression have the option to attend free […]

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Bodies and Identity

What does “body image” really mean? In what way does how we see our bodies impact how we see ourselves? And how does our identity impact how we see our bodies? Watching a baby interact with their body is a great way to remember all of the different ways people can relate to their bodies. […]

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The Dangers of Cannabis

Researchers in Switzerland have discovered a disturbing trend among teen cannabis users. They reported that recent statistics show that over 34% of boys aged 15 and over one quarter of 15 year old girls in Switzerland use the drug. Using cannabis has been shown to produce many problems. “In particular, negative consequences frequently associated with […]

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