Types of Counselling

Counselling in London provides several different counselling modalities for patient treatment.What comes to mind when you think of the words counselling or counsellor? Do you picture a room where one person tells another their deepest secrets and problems hoping for magical advice that will whisk the trouble away? The fact is the word counselling is much more then that and actually encompasses several different counselling modalities or types. Understanding what they are can help you to choose the system which may work best for your individual needs.

There are two types of counselling, directive and non-directive.  A directive counsellor is one who will tell you things that you can do and may request that you do “homework” assignments to help you each your goals, while a non-directive counsellor will allow you, the client, to decide what topics are discussed and where to go with the information with a nudge here and there. Both “types” work using some sort of modality, here is a short list of the different types of counselling modalities that you may come across and a short description of each.


Consider This if You are Thinking of Starting Counselling or Psychotherapy

counsellingIf you are thinking of a new start in life it can be quite frightening. When things seem to be happening really quick at the beginning, it can also frighten us. even if it seems things are going too slow we might find ourselves losing patience. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you might want to consider counselling and/or therapy to help you sort out things going on in your life.

If things get too big, then this can cause us to be suspicious. When it is too small, this leaves a feeling of being insignificant. However, life is created with a succession of beginnings that come in all sorts of packages. Running away from them is quite impossible. When you have to go through something in your life, there is basically a beginning. And when we become more experienced, we understand and realize that each beginning comes with its own size and timing and we should not hate them.

However, this article is not intended to stress on the philosophies about beginnings, but to detail some important aspects at the beginning of each psychotherapy or counselling session. You need to consider some important things before you decide upon going to see a therapist. So here are some tips to help you get the most out of the beginning of your therapy.counselling
1. Understand that help may be needed. This is known to be the first step when it comes to seeking for help from a psychotherapist or counsellor. But, this is not surely easy. It will take us some time for us to recognize the extent of our situation and the acceptance that there are times when we are not capable of solving our problems by ourselves.
2. Selecting the appropriate type of therapy. There are several types of therapy and they include psychodynamic, gestalt, cognitive-behavioural therapy, integrative, humanistic and others. Getting the right assessment about what kind of therapy is suited for you is important.
3. Selecting the appropriate psychotherapist or counsellor. In line with finding the right kind of therapy, it is also crucial to find the appropriate therapist.
4. The initial sessions. Starting with the session can provoke anxiety but at the start, it is essential that you are honest.
5. Assess your feelings. The first meetings will help you evaluate how you are doing with your therapist and you should determine how well you connect with each other. Though this is quite subjective, but this is really important.
6. Just go all the way. Just let your counsellor probe into things about yourself.
7. Always be honest.
8. It’s alright not to know. At the moment, it may not be clear to you whether you need therapy but you will later on understand it better.






Anger Management

Anger Management Therapy

anger management therapyMost of the time, people do not realize that they are keeping pent up anger inside. For instance, those who go through the pain of negative situations such as divorce or death may still retain the anger even after many years have passed. Usually, even though death does not evoke anger immediately, the sadness caused by the loss might result in anger. People who have experienced huge feelings of disappointment or have been abused during their childhood might repress these feelings while growing up but, will be triggered when they become adults. According to statistics, one in five American suffer from uncontrollable anger. From the term itself, the anger cannot be stopped once it is felt because it is the natural reflex of the mind and body to protect the person from outside harm or from feelings of pain.

Anger Management was developed by R. Kassinove, Chip Tatfrate, PhD, L. Dundin, Brad Buchman and Michael Hoyt, PhD. What this therapy does, is it helps the client to slow down his reactions to anger and to change the negative reaction to a positive reaction. In the process, the therapy will also help find the underlying cause of the anger. Once the cause of the anger is identified, the person will become aware of how his body reacts to different situations and events. Once the client has already gained insight about this, he will be able to control his emotions if he should encounter similar events in the future.anger management therapy

Clients are taught different ways in which they can channel their anger into other emotions. Also, there are times when people use anger to mask their real feelings like guilt, depression or anxiety. They will also be taught how to deal with those emotions and to teach them to see that anger is not the best way to express feelings or strong emotions.

Learning How to Manage Your Child’s Aggression

aggressiveNo matter how we try to ensure that our children are protected against violence, there are different ways they can obtain complete access to it and the more they are exposed to these violent images, the greater the risk of developing aggressive behavior. However, just because your children are not exposed to media violence does not guarantee that they will not develop aggressive behavior.

As parents, we need to make a conscious effort to guide them and find out how aggressive behavior develops. One needs to know the difference between when the aggression is playful and when it is considered aggressive behavior. With aggressive play, no one intentionally hurts another emotionally or physically. When children are engaged in aggressive play, they can tell the what is real and what is fantasy when it come to aggression.

There are various reasons why children engage in aggressive play. Kids who feel frustrated and powerless, they feel more in control of things by participating in aggressive play. They can express their desires especially when they cannot put them into words.

You should keep in mind that aggression is still part your human condition. If your child demonstrates aggressive behavior, try keep an open mind and don’t judge them for their behavior. You should also monitor your child’s level of stimulation especially if it gets too high. If you have noticed that aggressive play is getting out of control, you should not hesitate to intervene.aggressive

You should learn to recognize what it is that causes your child to engage in aggressive play. You should set limits and when your child cannot control his or her impulses, don’t hesitate to to do something about it so you can prevent serious problems from happening due to aggressive play. You should also try to observe if aggressive play is slowly becoming a behavior. You may need to seek professional help when your child’s behavior is becoming uncontrollable. When you are well aware of your child’s behavior, it will be easier for you to detect if an aggressive play is on the verge of becoming a behavior.

Art Therapy

How Art Therapy Counselling and Psychotherapy Helps with Depression, Anxiety and Stress.


art therapySome people can speak easily about their feelings and thoughts.  However, for many this is not easy and this can be for a lot of reasons; depression, with its symptoms of low self-esteem, mood and/or self-confidence, is among them.  A depressed person may feel isolated, and not feel up to telling other people how they feel.  Depression is sometimes described as a dark tunnel that seem difficult to escape from.  When a person feels this way, it can be very difficult and challenging to communicate this to other people; there may not be any words to truly describe the feelings. .

Some people, however, find that talking about feelings doesn’t seem to help and need another way to be able to more fully express those feelings.  They might be disconnected from their own emotions and from what they are saying need some type of bridge to help them to reconnect words with feelings.


Art Therapy can be of benefit to people who are disconnected in this way.  It can provide the bridge that connects the inner thoughts and feelings with the ability to communicate their feelings to others. Frequently, clients who participate in Art Therapy state that they would have found it difficult to talk about themselves or discuss their feelings without having first created a piece of art. These clients are about able to use the artwork to communicate.  Artwork created in a session can increase self-awareness and open up communication. Using he above example of someone feeling of being trapped in a dark tunnel can become the client’s starting point for talking about their experiences.

Art Therapy consists of a mixture of artistic creation and talk as a means of facilitating self-expression. The client needs no prior background, experience or skills in art to engage in Art Therapy.  Once created, it is not always necessary to explain the produced artwork in words. Sometimes there is direct expression of feelings in artwork; images of anger or sadness, etc.  Frequently this type of self-expression creates a direct relief from feelings that could easily be overwhelming if not expressed.  Images might be messy, or abstract, like the feelings being expressed.  There isn’t a proper or correct way to create art in this type of therapy,  it is a spontaneous process created by the client’s mind and emotions.  However, an art therapist might occasionally make suggestions to the client if they are having problems getting started.art therapy

Art Therapists have been trained and have experience in both psychotherapy and art, and this makes it possible for them to use art as a means of enhancing communication and facilitating self-expression through a partnership with their client.  Their specialized training gives them a complete understanding of the effects that art therapy, and the use of art materials, can have on clients. They use this combination of training to ally with their clients in identifying and expressing emotions in ways that are both beneficial and comfortable for the client.  Art Psychotherapists are required to complete post-graduate training in this specialty.  Even before this specialized training they need to have a great deal of experience in the field of health, social care or education. Additionally, Art Therapists are required to abide by the HPC and British Association of Art Therapist code of Ethics and are regulated by the Health Professions Council.

Art Therapy as an Intervention for Depression

art therapyThose who are plagued with emotional difficulties such as depression, stress and anxiety often have trouble putting their thoughts and feelings into some form of verbal context. Art therapy can help in situations like these by providing a “bridge” for the client between communication with others and their inner feelings and thoughts without the need to verbalize them. Counselling Southampton can help and support you through these difficult times, why not call us now?

With art therapy the client is able to communicate using the medium of art to explain what is going on inside of them. The art itself helps to open up the doors of communication while also increasing self awareness. In short, art therapy creates a mixture of creating art and talking as a means to facilitate self expression even for those who have no experience with art.

Art therapy clients can make any type of art that they are most comfortable with. Sometimes the clients choose to directly express feelings by creating something that communicates it such as a sad scene on a painting or an abstract mass of “angry” colors. Like with any type of art, there is no right or wrong way when creating for art therapy. Clients are allowed to produce whatever they want although occasionally the therapist may make a suggestion.art therapy

Those who practice art therapy are specifically trained as well as experienced with both psychological therapy and art which allows them to work with the client to ease self expression and improve communication. They have a total understanding of the effect that many art materials and the process of art therapy have on clients. The therapist is able to employ his or her dual training to work with clients to help them express and understand their emotions in such a way that is both comfortable and beneficial to the patient.

Art Psychologists must complete a post graduate course in art psychotherapy and are regulated by the Health Professions Council and must operate under both the HPC and British Association of Art Therapist code of ethics.



Behavioral Therapy


behaviorThe modality of behavioural therapy is built on the belief that any learned behaviour can be changed or unlearned without drawing attention to reasons or origin of the behaviour. Those who suffer from phobias, fears, addictions or obsessive compulsive behaviour often benefit from therapy modality.

Behavioral therapy, in general, is believed to have three separate and distinct points of origin, South Africa led by Wolpe’s group, the United States led by Skinner, and the U.K with both Rachman and Eysenk as lead. All three offer their own approach to looking at behaviour issues.

Eysenck’s group focused on behaviour issues as interplay between environment, behaviour and personality characteristics. Skinner’s group located in the U.S tended more towards an operant conditioning where the main focus created a useful approach to interventions and assessment focused toward contingency management like the token economy and behavioural activation.

One of Skinner’s group, a student by the name of Ogden Lindsey is said to have formed a movement called precision teaching. Precision teaching is a type of graphical chart known as the Standard Celeration Chart which monitors the progress of clients.

Skinner was interested in individualizing programs to improve learning for those without learning disabilities and spent time working with Fred S. Keller to develop programmed instruction toward that end. These programmed instructions offered up some clinical successes in aphasia rehabilitation. In fact Gerald Patterson used programmed instructions  as a way to help create his parenting guide for kids with behavioural problems. Respondent condition appears slow, depending upon age, but operant conditioning remains relativity stable.

Although many practitioners of behavioural therapy remain solidly committed to the basic operant and respondent paradigm, the second portion of the twentieth century saw more therapists combining behavioural therapy and the cognitive therapy pioneered by Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis, to form cognitive behavioural therapy.behavioral therapy

In some practises adding the component of cognitive therapy added to the effect such as the collected evidence which suggests cognitive interventions vould improve social phobia treatments, while in other sections the treatment was not enhanced, which brought about Third Generation Behaviour Therapies.

Third generation behaviour therapy makes use of the basic principals of operant and respondent psychologies but adds usable analysis and clinical formulation or case conceptualization of verbal behaviour which is more inline with the view of the behavioural therapist.  Although some research papers suggest the effectiveness of these therapies for some cases of cognitive therapy, the overall question has yet to be answered.


Body Therapy


body therapyPeople often have to deal with emotional and physical issues. Often times, these issues are too great for them to handle on their own and they may need to be treated professionally. One of the most common misconceptions about psychotherapy is that it is only used when a person has already lost his grip on reality. However,  Body Psychotherapy, which was developed by Wilhelm Reich, is a therapy that guides a person to becoming aware of their body’s physical responses and at the same time helps the body to recover from things such as anxiety, sexual challenges and depression. Sometimes, this therapy is also used to help deal with physical pain. The most common pain that is addressed during these sessions is back pain.

Body Therapy is more complicated than it seems. It aims to search for the possible reason why a client may feel that his life is disrupted by negative emotions. With this in mind, it should be integrated with other psychological theories as well as somatic healing. The goal is to guide the client to heal by using mind and body correlation. A lot of different branches of Science and Psychology have been studied and integrated to make Body Therapy possible.

This type of therapy has also been considered a an art form as well as a science because of its many different origins. A lot of theories and techniques have been studied to make it work. It aims to help the person to develop physical awareness that will in turn help them avoid unwanted negative patterns in their life and help them to become more positive in their way of thinking and make it easier for them to make decisions in life.body therapy

Body therapists usually have to study various ways on how to help a person relax because a lot of the techniques used will incorporate touch, breathing and movement. It is somewhat similar to somatic and other similar therapies, but, Body Therapy focuses more on the correlation of the mind and the body. Body therapists believe that if the mind and the body are integrated as one, the person will become more well rounded as a whole.

Breathwork Therapy

breathwork therapyWhen a person is able to breathe normally during stressful circumstances, it brings about a more positive release of repressed energy. People usually experience a feeling of serenity and calmness when they breathe normally and more calmly. Since people associate the feeling of being “reborn”, Breathwork Therapy has also been associated with the term “rebirth”.

Breathwork Therapy was developed by Leonard Orr, Kris Cassidy, Stanislay Grof and Christine Grof. Breathwork Therapy is considered a form of therapy that focuses on correcting the breathing methods of clients. The correct method of breathing is connected to the emotional state of a person. If a person can keep control over his emotions, he can think more positively, especially when he encounters stressful situations. There are some instances where people do not realize that they have already started to hold their breath and this can result in feeling light-headed due to the lack of oxygen circulating through their bodies.

Most people have learned to breathe differently depending upon the situations that they are in. It is possible that whatever events that a person has experienced in the past will determine how they will breathe in the future, especially if the events seem similar. Breathwork will not force a person to breathe regularly during difficult situations, rather, it will help the person focus better on what is happening around them and to help them relax and regain the harmonious flow of energy going in and out of their body.breathwork therapy

Not breathing properly can make a person feel even more panicky than usual, however, if a client can breathe better, he will be more in touch with his body and that will be followed by being more in touch with his thoughts and emotions. Once a person is aware of all of this, he will be able to heal past disappointments and regrets and look more positively at the future.

Business Coaching/Counselling


What Are The Five Steps for Creating a Top Team?

good teamDoes your team have a good communication? Does your team able to understand the culture? If answered ‘no’ to any of the above, then read on.

There are plenty of great tools, techniques and activities so one can develop a winning team. However, do you know what is right for you? You may have noticed that lumps of money are usually spent in order to develop a winning team but are they really effective? Team building is not the same as building a house because it involves establishing a relationship. This relationship needs to be sustainable. Due to the economic downturn, there has been an evident competition among various companies. Teams should be always ready to adapt to the changes and ready to respond to the challenges that may come their way. When you use the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to establish team work and even your personal relationships at home with your friends, personal networks and of course, your family.

There are two main issues that you need to take into great consideration when you are developing a team. First you need to think of the team culture and second the manner they communicate both internally and externally.

Cultural Aspects Of A Team

A team’s cultural aspect is often made up of philosophy, mission and values of the organisation. Once each member of the team knows what they are supposed to do, the team will be able to move forward and reach individual and team goals.

Team Communication

For the team to be successful, it is important that the team communicates well and discuss what is working and what is not. There are various processes that make up a good communication. It is considered fundamental because it is the key to conducting activities.

The Steps To Creating A Winning Team

In order to understand individual perspective, it is important to have one on one sessions with staff. It is important for the team leader to know the factors that can motivate each individual. It is also important that the team understand their roles and expectations of the organisation.

  • It is also important to conduct a team survey and this will evaluate what others may say about the team.
  • Identifying the team’s vision, purpose, culture and values is also essential. This step must be done together with the team.
  • Messages should also be cascaded effectively for clear communication to be developed effectively. The teams interaction must also be taken into great consideration and this includes reading body language, building rapport, developing listening skills and many others. It is also important to receive feedback from team members.
  • There should also be an action plan so the team will have an idea of their areas for improvement. This way, the team leader will know what can make the team successful.

One should also note that these steps are not considered quick fixes as they only serve as guidelines to developing an effective and successful team. Like a relationship, team development really takes time to develop and using the right set of circumstances, one can have an effective and motivated team in the long run. When total commitment is seen in a team, the process may progress and may develop into something that all of the members of a team wants to achieve. This is why the team leader really plays an important role in the process of decision-making.good team

You can also work with a life coach for you to know what you have to do in order to develop a winning team. A coach can help you identify aspects that need to be improved and they will also help you work out on things and set long term goals.







Career Counselling

What are the Six Career Dilemmas That Most People are Facing and How Career Counselling or Coaching Can Assist

career counsellingAt present, the world sees a job for life as a thing of the past it is no longer surprising for an individual to change jobs or career every once in a while. As a matter of fact, an average person move jobs up to 11 times and may even change their career 4 to 5 times in a lifetime. These do not include interdepartmental changes taking place within a workplace. This is why career counselling or coaching has become very important for a lot of people.

This is why it is no longer surprising for people to be at a crossroad faced with difficult choices in life especially when it already involves career change. There are various situations that may convince a person to change career and this is where coaching comes in:

Asking for a salary increase
You may already be contented with your present job but you seem to find it difficult to make ends meet. Due to the fact that our economy too a nose dive, it is definitely hard to manage your finances with a meager salary. Another sad fact is that there are only a few workers who are willing to ask the employer for a pay rise. There are still plenty of things that need to be taken into great consideration such as the performance of the company. When the company is no longer performing, it is safe to say that pay rise may be an elusive thing as well. It is quite possible to get information from your colleagues regarding the salary they are earning. This way you will have an idea of the next step you are going to take. This will also be a diciding factor for you whether or not you should get a pay rise.

With all of the information that you gather, it will be much easier for you to decide how you are going to create an achievable goal where you and your employer can benefit from. It should be as realistic as possible for you to get what you really are aiming for. There are employees that may feel embarrassed when they are into this kind of situation and coaching can help them muster all of the courage to ask for a pay rise. You will also be able to see a much cleaer picture of what really is happening before you even take the leap.

Working toward a promotion
The road toward aiming for a promotion is definitely tough and it is something that really takes practice. There are individuals who are not into having a healthy competition for the belief that they might not fit into the other colleagues big shoes in terms of aiming for a promotion. It is important to feel confident especially if you think that you deserve the promotion. Do not be taken aback by other people who are also trying to win the rat race. When you analyze the situation, it will be easier for you to find out how you can emerge victorious in your career battle.

Seeking a new job
In spite of the fact that the internet opens more employment possibilities, we still cannot deny the fact that it is still very elusive to pass the interview process. With the help of coaching, it will be pretty easier for you to get the job that is really suitable for you. It has a way of setting your fears aside so you will be able to have a greater chance to succeed. If you also dread the fact that you are going to leap to the unknown, coaching will help you put your best foot forward and have a greater chance of success.

Going to Job Interviews

Some individuals may think that going for a job interview is a breeze but it can really be difficult at times especially if you are not prepared for the questions being asked. Even if it is a job interview that you have long been waiting, there can be a huge chance of blowing your chance when you are not prepared enough to provide an honest answer. It is important that you are in total control of the situation durking job interview. This way, you will be able to make yourself prepared for the questions that the interviewer may throw your way. You can answer questions to the best of your ability once you are mentally and physically prepared. The interview process can be a two way street and you will be able to find out what will really work for you.

Starting an entirely new job
Does having a new job sound good to you? It certainly bis but being new to the company can also be tough especially if you do not know what really lies ahead. With the help of coaching, you will be able to step towards learning new things and to make your dreams come true.

Changing careers 
These days, more and more people are joining the career change bandwagon not only out of choice but also out of necessity. NLP and coaching are effective in terms of helping individuals find their niche. If you have been thinking of re-training or setting up your own business, this can be a great opportunity for you to make some changes. It is important when changing career to make a clear decision so you will be able to make the right choices. This way you will be able to become the best that you can be.

There is a wide range of issues that coahcing and NLP can address and these are just a few of them. You will be able to make your career dreams come true when you know which path is really best for you to take.career counselling
Are you vacillating on changing your career? What can make you stay or go?
It can really be a daunting task to change career or move to another job due to several reasons. There are those who want to change their careers due to the fact that these jobs have high stress levels and they also have insufficient family time. It is also another reason for an employee to change career when they do not find a sens of fulfillment in their current jobs. There are many people who would often think that they are always finding themselves working in motorways and moving from one business obligation to another. In order to catch up, you may also find yourself taking you laptop to bed and feeling really exhausted at the end of the day.

What can really help?  

There are many things that you can do to put things in better perspectives and one of which is to start thinking about your choices: you can either stay in your present job and look for ways to improve it or probably opt for something else.

  • Think about the job you currently have and the factors that are driving you nuts. You also need to create a list and try to think of the things that you can influence or be in control of. You may also think of the things that can help you change yourself such as your boss. You also need to think of the right technique for you to effectively manage your time. For example, try to come up with a time management technique so you no longer have to take your laptop to bed just so you can meet dealines. You may also ask the company if they have other options such as working for reduced hours or working from home. This way you will be able to put things in a much clearer perspective.
  • The other part of the list should include the things that drive you nuts but you have no influence of. If you feel as though you cannot beat the odds especially with the way the company treats its people, then this is something that you need to have a look at. It can be that you have no respect to the leaders of the organisation. There are two options for you to choose from and one of which is being able to change things an the other is to accept them as they are. If you cannot take a positive step then you need to move elsewhere. There are things that you really cannot change and these may really drag you down. These may be your friends, family or probably yourn colleagues.
  • There are many things that are stopping us from moving on and one of them is being scared of losing what we really have. It is worth making another list for us to look for another job. There might be some factors that influence lour decision to stay in our job or to leave. This can be the location, collegues, benefits and salary. You need to create a tick box so you will have an idea of the things you need to give up for you to finally move on to another job. If you are going to shift to self-employment there are some things that have to taken into great consideration and you also need to find a way how you can incorporate the things you love into your current career. Going through sudden changes is not easy because it requires you to adjust to another environment that you have not really expected in the first place.
  • You may also try to make a research of the job that may suit your interest while you are staying in your current job. If you think that your current job is really ideal for you, then it is about time to go for it. It can be a good practice to compare and contrast things for you to get a better view of things.
  • Be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone especially if it is for the better because this can later on lead to career growth.




Preparing for a Job Interview: Is This Employer for You?

job interviewThese days, the quest for searching for a job is tantamount to a dating scene. The decision is usually based on one’s attractiveness and the manner the employer can relate to the candidate. Another misconception that job seekers have when applying for a job is focusing on its material benefits when there should be more. Although it does matter that you look at the compensations you get from working, it is still important that you value other aspects of getting a job. How then can you make your job more rewarding? It is when you choose your employer keenly.

If you are looking for a prospective employer, make sure you get to know them. You can obtain some information regarding your prospective employer by means of checking “careers” or “About Us” section of the page. When you read this section, you will have an idea what it is like working in a company of your choice. You will also know how you should behave in a company. For instance, if they have a lax environment, there is no need to become more restraint than working in a company with a very rigid environment.

You should also know the age and level of education of the employees and this matters because it will give you a brief background of the organization’s diversity. If type of job you are going to apply for demands late night meetings, you will be able to know how you should adjust to the situation.job interview

Try to assess the company if they are someone you can stick to and establish a stable career path with. For sure, you do not have any plans of staying in one position after 4 to 5 years so you need to know if the company you will be working with can help you reach your professional objectives. Once a company has deeper understanding of how you foresee yourself a few years after working in the same organization, you can be sure that you will be treading on the same road to success.



Career Planning

Are You Into Career Planning?

career planningDo you think that it is a sound idea to plan your career ahead of time? Although you may disagree to this, it is much better to really look ahead so we will have something to expect in the future. It is always to envision what you will become 10 to 15 years from now. This way, you will be able to find out what needs to be done. You will also be able to find out what you are going to be after retirement. With a systematic structure, you will also be able to know what will lie ahead of you and this alone will keep you on track. In fact, you have the power to do this even at any given point in time. It can also be a signal for a good start.

It is in your power to change your career path and tread on the path that you have long been wanting for so long. Although the old norm will dictate you to stick with the job you have, today’s employment trend is entirely different because you have the power to make your own choice no matter what it is.

It is also important that you choose the kind of job that really interests you and can make use of your abilities. It is also essential that you have passion for what you are doing because this is the only way that you will be able to excel.career planning

For you to have a happier life, you need to make an important decision that is life-changing. It should be something that can really make you satisfied with the career path you take. You will be able to have a sense of fulfillment once you know which path you are going to take. It is definitely true that once you ar able to find your passion, you will never feel as though you were working. This is true in the sense that everyday, you will be able to find your contentment. You will not feel as though you really were working. Everyday is like facing what keeps you going. When you want to have a sense of contentment at what you are doing, you need to find your niche. You need to find out what you really enjoy doing. This way, you will be able to realize the impact of self-discovery.




Do I Really Need a Hobby?

hobbiesStarting a new hobby is a popular search term on search engines such as Google. While there are people who already found their niche, there are still those who are yet to discover what they really are good at.

There are several reasons why people need a hobby and these include:

  • Personal development- it is worth giving new things a try as a way of making room for improvement.
  • Gaining new friends- you will be able to meet new people when you start a new hobby because you move to a new place where you get to meet different individuals that may share the same interest as you are.
  • Boredom- when your life is already monotonous and lack of enthusiasm, a new hobby is the best way to go. It adds more diversity to your life and can even make your daily routine fun.
  • Feeling incomplete- if you want to fill the void in your life and you think that a new hobby is the answer, you should go for it because this has a way of giving you more opportunities to improve yourself.

Why start a new hobby?

Hobbies have the ability to enrich our lives if we only know what kind of hobby to choose. If you excel at a particular field, why not pursue it then? You will not be able to know what you are really good at unless you give things a try. It is important that you explore possibilities because this is the only way you will know what you really are capable of doing. Once you have an idea what you really are good at, you can start a hobby and also enjoy it.

The more frequent you try things the better you discover what you are good at doing. Later on, you will realize that you are finding fulfillment in these things.

There are potential benefits you can reap from starting a new hobby and these include the following:

Life skills

It is essential that you have a certain amount of skill when trying to develop a hobby. However, in order to hone these skills, practice is required. This way, you will be able to know how you can excel at your craft even more. The fulfillment and satisfaction that you gain from doing these things you love are immeasurable.

There are also other skills that you will be able to learn once you start a new hobby and these include:

  • Persistence- it is easier to keep going even when things get tough once you enjoy what you are doing. You will also realize that patience and persistence are necessary for you to succeed in what you are doing. These qualities are also required in other areas of your life.
  • Communication skills – when the hobby you developed requires you to interact with people, you are going to hit two birds with one stone because you are not only acquiring a special skill but you are also enhancing your communication skill. This is going to be an opportunity to widen your horizon and make circle of friends.
  • Self-discipline –there are times when we are having a hard time doing things and may even consider procrastinating especially if we have less energy. However, when we love what we are doing, we are slowly developing self-discipline and we also have a high level of commitment as we are afraid of missing out on every activity involved in your new hobby.


Potential employment opportunity

When applying for a job, employers would usually read through the hobby section of your CV so they can get a better idea of what you want to do. The hobby section gives employers that idea whether the applicant possess qualities they are looking for. It is definitely true that our hobbies speak a lot about us. For instance, if you have put that your hobbies include reading and writing, it shows that you are introspective and quiet while those who love swimming may considering themselves active. It is important that you start a new hobby if you wan to increase the chances of being employed. Even as simple as running or walking can help you acquire will-power and self-discipline.

Mental Wellbeing

Based on mental health charity, mental well being is not just about what you have but what you do. It is important that you reserve time for yourself and that being said, it is essential that you enjoy what you are doing. Although relationship and work are part and parcel of life, this does not really mean that they should take full control of it. As much as possible, we need to take some time to develop a hobby. It is something that interests us or can help us reach our goals. Their purpose is not only to help us acquire new skills but also to relax our mind when we are so stressed about working hard. These are necessary for mental well-being.

Physical health

One of the many benefits of developing a hobby is having a sound physical health. However, you also need to keep in mind that not all hobbies are good for the health. For example, if your hobby is consuming junk foods, this will not do anything to make your body healthy. In fact, it can even worsen your health condition. It is important that you also start a hobby that can do wonders to your health. It should be something beneficial to you such as learning a new language, taking part in various physical activities and many others.

Confidence and self esteem

When you feel that you are not good enough, you may have a low self-esteem. However, this can be dealt with by starting a new hobby. This is ideal for people who are starting to doubt their abilities. Once you start a new hobby, you will be able to know what you are capable of doing as your start to build confidence.

More often than not, individuals with low self-esteem do not realize that they are also capable of doing things that people with high self-esteem can. However, because people with low self-esteem have a mindset that they are not good enough, their lack of confidence often gets in the way.

Coaching can help you realize your virtues and your true worth in life. If you have not explored what you really are capable of doing yet, it is about time you get a life coach to help you every step of the way.

You will be able to identify your strengths once you start a hobby because this helps you come out in the open and work on things that you really are good at.

Interacting with new people

The best thing about starting a hobby is getting the chance to meet new people and opening up your social life. Even if your hobby does not require you to interact with other people such as reading or knitting, you can still get to have the chance to tell people what you have achieved. One way you can connect with people is by joining forums with members sharing the same interests as you do. This way, you can share ideas and show your own craft.hobbies

If you are going to think of it, life-long friendships often start with a mutual interest or hobby. This is why when you think of joining a group it opens many possibilities and who knows, you might just find your perfect match online by just sharing your hobby. Many life-long friendships start with a mutual hobby or interest, and joining a group is a great way to meet potential love interests.

Change your life

In spite of the fact that the primary purpose of starting a hobby is for recreation and pleasure, there are other significant things that you can develop when you have a hobby. There are inventions that are made out of accidents. Facebook is one perfect example. It was just a hobby that turned into a huge phenomenon. Just imagine its power of changing how humans communicate.

You will never know how far you hobby can go unless you give it a try. You will never know this unless you start a hobby now.

The disadvantages of developing a hobby

There are times when being around people who are multi-talented are more exhausting than fun. These people have the ability to juggle different duties at the same time without even feeling stressed and the best thing about them is that they love what they are doing. The big question is, why do they seem to do all of these things effortlessly?

Not all people have the drive to try their hand at a new hobby. More often than not, they may not realize their full potential unless they try something that is out of the ordinary.

Although it is a known fact that developing a hobby can help you reap endless benefits, it also has its downside. If there is no need to worry about spending money or you are not pressured to do something new, then do not do it. More often than not, hobbies are only intended for people who want to try something new or would want to hone a specific skill they can excel at. To some who are already contented with their current life, there is no point starting a hobby because the experience may not be as rewarding as those who really enjoy doing it.

The disadvantages of starting a hobby include:

Money- although there are hobbies that you can develop for free, there are also those that would require you to spend some money on especially if these hobbies require you to buy special equipment such as rock climbing or scuba diving. When starting a hobby, it is important to take your budget into consideration. Ask yourself if you can afford the kind of hobby you have in mind.

Time management and commitment-starting a hobby requires a great amount of time. It does not end after a few hours or days. It is called a hobby because you are bound to stick with it. However, when the enthusiasm of starting a new hobby wears off, the hobby is more a chore than a commitment.


Energy – the amount of energy that you are going to exert greatly depends on the hobby you want to try. It can be a tiring activity especially when you have an active job. This is another thing you need to take into consideration. Make sure that you do not exhaust all of your energy when starting a hobby or you will not be able to stick with it.

Frustration – you may easily get frustrated if you have suddenly realized that the hobby you have chosen is not really something that you like doing. There will come a time when you are going to reach a plateau point. When this happens, all of your energy and drive from the start of developing hobby will soon fade away.

The purpose of life coaching

It is important for a person to have confidence when starting a new hobby. With life coaching, these thoughts can be put off:

  • The fear of failure
  • Dreading the fact that no one would like you
  • Doubting making a fool of oneself

There are also cases when you are afraid of harming yourself. This can be true especially extreme sports that increase your chances of getting an injury.

Whatever you feel toward starting a new hobby, you will be able to seek some help from a life coach. You can put things in proper perspectives and change the way you see coaching.

There are different questions that might be asked during the coaching session and these include:

Reasons why you want to start a new hobby

  • Your strengths
  • The skills that you wish to acquire
  • Concerns regarding starting a hobby

You will be able to make the right decision of starting a hobby once you have a life coach to help you. There are different aspects that a life coach will help you with:

A life coach will help you in terms of:

  • Trying something new with confidence
  • Understanding why you need to start a hobby
  • Proper time management
  • Having strong belief you can succeed
  • Choose the best hobby for you

Sports Coaching in a Nutshell

sports coachingSports coaching refers to the process of providing guidance, training and motivation to the individual who is training for sports to prepare his mind and body for the event or for journeying through sports career.

There are plenty of reasons why individuals consider coaching:

  • Joining a sport
  • Improving performance in a game
  • Step up from advanced to professional level
  • Become a world-renowned athlete

How do you start a new sport

One way to meet new people is by means of starting a new sport because aside experiencing real-life social interaction, you will also be able to improve your physical and mental health.

If you want to gain better and clearer understanding of the basic sport rules, it is beneficial to hire a sports coach. For example, if you have a penchant for playing tennis but you have not held a racket before, a tennis coach can help you learn the basic of this sport. One thing that a coach can do is ensure that you are going to get a full grasp of the basics of this sport so you can progress to a much higher level.

If you have mastery of this game, you can excel at it a few years from now.

How do you improve your game

In terms of sports coaching, teaching alone is not enough. It is important that you gain full mastery of the techniques and rules so you can decide whether or not the game is really for you. It will be also be easy for you to identify if you are going to take the game seriously or not.

When you have innate ability for your chosen sport, it will be easier for you to enhance your skills and work further in improving your performance in each and every game. When you practice, it is easy for you to improve your performance. Ever heard of the proverbial ‘practice makes perfect’? This is indeed true because you constantly strive for improvement when you keep on practicing. However, some people are discouraged to continue when they are no longer seeing signs of progress. More often than not, it is easier to give up than to go on.

If you are looking for a reliable person to assess your performance, it is going to be beneficial to hire a sports coach. Once your mind is set to move on and perform better, your motivation will return and you can also give yourself a boost especially when you are about to reach the higher level of your performance.

Kicking it up a notch: from advance to a professional level

Being a professional sportsperson does not happen overnight. It takes practice, self-discipline and perseverance. A great amount of talent and dedication are also required for you to become an excellent player.

When people possess a great deal of potential, a sports coach is recommended to them so they can explore their ability and perform even better. These sports coaches are known for having sufficient background on the sport they are coaching. In fact, they are also professional sports people themselves. They exactly know what it really takes for you to excel at your chosen sport. The role of a sports coach is similar to an agent because they can encourage a person to turn a hobby into a paying career.

Coaching has a holistic approach that sports coaches are using. They do not just look at one part rather they look at the whole picture. For example, if you are an aspiring track runner and you want to improve your game, instead of merely focusing on the treadmill, the sports coach will suggest you to take the psychological approach. There might be some mental blocks that may be stopping you from performing well. Something might be happening in your personal life that is causing you to get distracted. There might be some factors that are ruining your focus and concentration.sports coaching

The closer athletes to reaching professional level, the more involved the coaches are and together with the sports people, they are constantly working hard to achieve goals. For goals to be achieved coach and athlete must be:

  • Professional
  • Strong
  • Established through mutual respect and trust

How to pass yourself off as a world-class athlete

World class athletes need to dedicate their whole life to gain respect and recognition from people all across the globe. They do not just render eight hours to practice as most workers often do. Most of the time, they need to spend grueling hours to master the sports and excel at it. Without discipline and hard work, you cannot expect athletes to taste sweet success. It is just too impossible.

There strict rules that athletes need to live by because these are set by sports coaches for them to develop self discipline. You will start with changing your diet so you can stay fit and be able to perform physical training on a regular basis. It is also important to have self-discipline and sense of commitment because you will need to spend several hours and several days to hone your skills. You will not succeed in your sports career when you fail to do all these. There are no shortcuts to being a professional athlete because you always need to work hard for you to get this level.

World class athletes will be able to handle the emotional side of sports with the help of sports coaches. They often use sports psychology theory to help them in terms of:

1. Handle failure

What the purpose of pursuing your dreams when you are not going to win in the first place? It can be frustrating when you have spent countless hours and committed yourself to grueling training sessions only to find out that there are so many athletes out there who perform better than you do. You have already sacrificed, spent years to hone your skills and hoped to emerge victorious and when the sporting event came, you did not win at all.

Most athletes falter when they fail. It is reason enough for them to quit their career. However, if you are going to look at the bigger picture, failure is one way for you to learn and improve your skills. It is somehow the beginning of a new journey.

2. Dealing with success

It is a good thing to succeed after years of hard work but why is that some people still need help to cope with it?

Fame and wealth are often the result of being in the top level of sports. Footballers, live lavish and hedonistic lifestyle because they are paid more. However, sports coaches remind athletes to remain grounded and stay focused on their goals. More often than not, athletes get distracted with recognition they get from fans and sports coaches have to remind them not to lose their focus. For the lucky few in top level sport, success often results in fame and wealth – think of footballers and their incredibly lavish, hedonistic lifestyles. Sports coaches need to be on hand to rein in any egos, keep athletes grounded and ensure they remain focused on playing the sport without getting distracted by the public recognition that often comes with it.

3. Injury recovery

When an athlete is injured they are not only affected physically but psychologically as well. It is pretty normal to be dejected when you are injured especially when you use your body for your livelihood. It feels as though your world has suddenly crumbled down upon discovering that they cannot perform well anymore due to the injury. The loss can lead to depression, frustration and boredom. Inured athletes need to have support from sports coaches because this is the time when their well being is also affected. Instead of organizing sports events, coaches can schedule a therapy session, so athletes can slowly pick themselves up and go back to where they used to be. The best course of treatment can also be offered by coaches to injured athletes to speed up their recovery.

4. Improve performance

One way that athletes can improve their performance is through visualization techniques and self-talk exercises. It is the sports coaches that share these techniques with the athletes because they are known for improving athletes’ performance and their psychological perspective. With these techniques, athletes can reach their goals in life.

Sports coaching intended for children

If you have observed that your child is interested in participating in some type of sport, hiring a sports coach can help your children maximize you’re their full potential. A sports coach can help them in terms of making their progress reach the higher level. If you are interested in getting your child a sports coach, here are some information you need to know:

Safeguarding children

It is important that you hire a sports coach capable of safeguarding your children. They need to be trustworthy, competent and professional. A qualified sports coach need to be CRB checked as well.

Being able to understand development stages

It is expected from children to grow constantly. As they go through these changes their bodies also undergo biochemical changes as well and this has a huge effect on their performances. Coaches need to be aware of the stages that can help children support and match their development.

Ability to promote positive development

When you want your children to improve their performance, sports coaching will use a holistic approach. Sports are ideal for children because it provides them special skills that they can use as they journey through adulthood. These skills can also be applied to their everyday life and these include:

  • Professionalism
  • Confidence
  • Sense of sportsmanship
  • Focus and discipline
  • Team playing and leadership
  • Good communication skills




Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT)


CATCognitive analysis therapy or CAT explores a client’s thinking and language as well as links between cultural, historical and social ideals of how we operate. This type of therapy helps the client to learn and develop new skills with which to change undesirable patterns of behaviour including negative thought patterns and actions. The therapy modality comparatively short, lasting on average only around 16 weeks and is directive and strictly structured with the number of sessions agreed upon at the outset of the program.

During the first part known as the Reformulation phrase the analysit collects relevant information such as current issues and past life experiences to write a reformulation letter to the patient. The letter summarizes the therapist’s understanding of the problem with particular emphasis given to comprehending the link between childhood patterns of behaviour the way they impact o adult life. The document is then agreed between therapist and client and is then used to form the base for the rest of the sessions.

Once this summery letter has been agreed a client may then be requested to complete a series of rating sheets or diaries to record the occurrences of issues and their context.  This period is known as the Recognition phase and during it the patient and the analyst will then work to create a diagrammatic formula which illustrates any unhelpful habits that remain problematic for the client. The purpose of this section is to help the client to see how and when problems happen.

During the 2nd part of the therapy the client and therapist move toward the Revision phase where “exits” are identified and practised from the diagram which was established during the earlier phase. For example; a troublesome procedure involving a client who may choose to overdose due to anger may include an “exit” strategy that involves expressing that anger in a way that is not self-harming behaviour.CAT


At the end of the program both the client and the therapist write “goodbye” documents which summarize what they feel has been accomplished in the program and what still needs to be done which they exchange. Once the agreed upon amount of weekly sessions is complete a follow up session or sessions may occur to keep an eye on and support the client with any changes that have been managed Typically a 16 week course of therapy is followed by a single meeting approximately one month following the last session with a final session around three months later.


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